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Yacht Tracker through YB Tracking

The Gladstone Ports Corporation Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race fleet may be tracked live via YB Yacht Tracking.  There are a number of ways to view the Tracking screen depending on your preferred mobile device.

If you intend watching on a fullscreen PC (or you already have the YB Races App on your device) follow the link at the button below to the 2024 Race field which will be populated with data for the 2024 fleet.

If you wish to view on a mobile device and you do not already have the YB Races App loaded you will need to visit your applicable device App store.  Then you will need to download the App specific to your device.  Once downloaded and opened you may search for this year’s race using the race name and year and add it to your races in the App.

For further advice and information about mobile device Apps visit the official YB site.

View Fullscreen Live Yacht Tracker on PC or APP
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