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About our official time keeper

Adina celebrates 50 Years of Australian watch manufacturing history as the official time keeper of the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race.

Adina is known for its deep involvements with sporting events. Headlining 2019 at the Adina Polocrosse World Cup and with deep involvement with hockey, triathlon and cycling to individual sport such as golf. In 2021, the brand celebrated their 50th year anniversary and have firmly their attention to sailing. In their home state of Queensland.

“In fact, there is a very close relationship with the event through one of our oldest retail partners ‘Patricks Jewellers’ in Gladstone whose owners have started the race a whopping 50 times and winning it on no fewer than four occasions aboard the legendary Wistari!” exclaimed Adina General Manager Grant Menzies.

In 2021, Grandson of four-time winner Noel Patrick, Andrew again took on the elements by taking home the silverware as overall winner. “To do a B to G is up there with every sailor’s dream of doing a Hobart! I have always wanted to do my own B to G campaign. The significance of winning it especially in my family is enormous, to go down in the history books as the winner is pretty exciting considering the company that you are there alongside!” Andrew said.

The 308 nautical mile race which has been described in understated terms as “very tough” has seen some incredible weather befall it including a cyclone. It is these conditions which make it a veritable test of seamanship and why winning it is so rewarding. The Adina partnership will see each member of the winning crew presented with a very special edition Adina watch. So special in fact, that the only way to own one is to be a part of the winning crew.  Additionally the skipper of the line honours boat will also win a special edition Adina watch.  These watches are in the words of Adina General Manager, Grant Menzies, “something spectacular, that the sailors will wear with pride!” and with Adina pedigree for building water resistant watches, it will be keenly anticipated by the next group of winners.

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