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If you cannot be racing on one of the boats we have the next best thing. We have partnered with to bring you the Virtual Gladstone Ports Corporation Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race.  Sailonline is the platform some of the world’s best ocean racing navigators use to hone their skills.

The virtual race starts at the same time as the real race, 10 am (AEST) (UTC +10) on the 29th of March 2024.

We recommend that newcomers to Sailonline check out their platform overview here.

Sailonline’s notice of the Gladstone Ports Corporation B2G virtual race for 2024 is available at their website blog.  It will be open for registration and practise at the link below.  In cooperation with the Race’s tracker provider, YB Tracking, Sailonline will be displaying IRC yachts and a selection of veterans on its virtual racing screen.  Sailonline have set up a TP52 as the online boat and the challenge is to see who can beat Celestial in!

The Race Blog of Sailonline for the virtual Gladstone Ports Corporation Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race is at the link:  SAILONLINE RACE BLOG

In the meantime Sailonline invites participants to involve themselves with the program and register at the Sailonline Website link below to gain practise.

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